Wooden flush doors with a pattern are characterized by having the door leaf in the same plane as the door frame when closed.

The wooden door frame surrounds the wall opening from both sides.

The doors are equipped with a minimum of 3 hinges, a seal, and a magnetic lock as standard. We offer doors that open outwards as well as inwards (reversible).


The GEOMETRY collection offers doors for those who appreciate refined details. Delicate graphics decorate the door leaf without diverting attention from the rest of the interior. It is an ideal alternative for both classic and modern door models.

The collection is available in both flush doors and doors with concealed frames, allowing us to fit into any interior.

Explore the entire collection and choose your model from the GEOMETRY collection.




Finishing options::

-Preparation for painting with wall paint
-Natural veneer
-Modified veneer
-Opaque paint from the RAL / NCS color palette
Available in gloss levels: matte / semi-matte / high-gloss. The paint coatings have a certificate of increased fire resistance.


All door sets are made to measure the building opening. Door leaves are equipped with silent magnetic locks and concealed hinges. Maximum door leaf height: 3000 mm.

In interior design, every element present in a given room holds significant importance. Doors are no exception; besides their practical functions, such as providing privacy and security, they have a significant impact on the character of the space. Therefore, they should be appropriately matched to perfectly complement the interior’s style. For modern-style rooms, doors concealed within the walls are an ideal choice, and we can manufacture them on special request.

Frameless Doors – Warsaw

We are one of the leading manufacturers of wooden doors in Poland. One of our specialties is doors with a hidden door frame, which we offer to our customers in Warsaw and beyond. We fully understand the importance of both the quality of craftsmanship and the design of interior doors, which is why we use only the highest-quality materials for their production.

By choosing our company, you opt for professionalism and a personalized approach to the customer. We leverage our extensive experience, knowledge, skills, and professional tools during the creation of our products, enabling us to achieve truly remarkable results. You can be sure that we will put in every effort to ensure that the doors we produce on special order are meticulously crafted in every detail. If you are looking for a company that will prepare tailor-made hidden doors in Warsaw, then you have come to the right place.