The wall cladding is veneered.

All fittings are custom-made.
The surface finish of the fittings and the burnt 3D graphics can be chosen according to your preference.

The veneered wall cladding constitutes a composition of elements forming a flat wooden wall. Thanks to its delicate structure, it can be applied in practically any interior – it can even be installed on a lightweight load-bearing wall or in small spaces without taking up valuable surface area. The appropriate placement of veneer on individual elements of the wall cladding creates the impression of a seamless surface.

Our customers have the choice of hundreds of native or exotic natural veneers as well as modified veneers, available in three finishing options: matte, semi-matte, and high gloss. Each of them beautifully complements the surroundings of wooden, glass, or metal accents. Integrated wall claddings with wooden panels can serve as a prominent decorative feature in a given interior or provide a backdrop for variously styled furniture. The natural materials used in veneers blend well with diverse interior design styles, especially in modernist spaces.



height 240cm, width 375cm

The fittings include:

- Standard internal doors
- Reversible internal doors
- Wall panels

The flexibility in configuration and finishing of the fittings allows for perfect adaptation to any interior, regardless of the style or character of the space.

Łazienkowa zabudowa ścienna z motywem konia
Zabudowa ścienna z motywem sowy i drzew

New collection of internal doors.