Wall upholstery

Upholstered wall cladding.

Wall upholstery.

Due to the variety of upholstery materials and the freedom of upholstery techniques, upholstered wall claddings are highly popular among our customers who value unique interior solutions. Wall upholstery visually warms up the room, and the unlimited color and texture options of the materials used make this type of cladding suitable for any interior.

Upholstered doors in Warsaw.

Our projects allow for the incorporation of doors into the wall upholstery, seamlessly blending the door leaf with the external surface. The reversible door system used in such fittings allows the door leaf to blend smoothly with the upholstered wall while opening into the next room. Deep quilting and luxurious fabrics enable the creation of a modern and exceptionally stylish interior effect.



height 280cm, width 360cm

The fittings include:

- Upholstered wall panels
- Reversible upholstered doors
- Upholstered seat and shelf

The flexibility in configuration and finishing of the fittings allows for their adaptation to every interior in any style.