Wall cladding veneered with burnt 3D graphics.

All fittings are custom-made. The surface finish of the fittings and the burnt 3D graphics can be chosen according to your preference.

The veneered cladding constitutes a composition of elements forming a flat wooden wall. Thanks to its delicate structure, it can be applied in practically any interior – it can even be installed on a lightweight load-bearing wall or in small spaces without taking up valuable surface area. The appropriate placement of veneer on individual elements of the wall cladding creates the impression of a seamless surface.

Our customers can choose from hundreds of native or exotic natural veneers, as well as modified veneers, available in three finishing options: matte, semi-matte, and high gloss. Each of them beautifully complements the surroundings of wooden, glass, or metal accents.



height 280cm, width 745cm

The fittings include:

Internal doors
Wall panels
Niche with shelves made of tempered glass
Wardrobe with veneered interior


The flexibility in configuration and finishing of the fittings allows for customization to suit any interior in any style.

Biurowa zabudowa ścienna z biblioteczką
Zabudowa ścienna w biurze z biblioteczką i szafą

New collection of internal doors.