Textured wall cladding with veneered elements.

All fittings are custom-made.
The surface finish of the fittings and the burnt 3D graphics can be chosen according to your preference.

Wall cladding with wooden slats.

The textured cladding owes its original character to the construction technique, which involves arranging individual wooden slats in parallel. This technique provides unique aesthetic experiences: the surface becomes dynamic and contrasting.

Textured doors.

Thanks to precision craftsmanship and the use of high-quality materials, we achieve an impressive texture that becomes a strong, distinctive design element in our interiors. This styling works especially well in Scandinavian, rustic, and boho arrangements but can also serve as an excellent element to complement industrial or loft styles.



height 350cm, width 460cm

The fittings include:

- Reversible internal doors
- Wall panels

IMG_2032 (1)
Zabudowa ścienna z drzwiami

The flexibility in configuration and finishing of the fittings allows for customization to suit any interior in any style.

New collection of internal doors.