Lacquered wall cladding with burnt 3D graphics.

All fittings are custom-made.
The surface finish of the fittings and the burnt 3D graphics can be chosen according to your preference.

Structurally lacquered cladding does not differ from veneered cladding. It creates an equally attractive interior arrangement, with the only difference being the finishing form of the cladding. These fittings are coated with opaque paint in any color from the RAL or NCS color palettes.

We are also able to match the color to an existing element without knowing its specific palette code, ensuring a perfect harmony in the overall design. Opaque-colored claddings are also available in 3 finishing options: matte, semi-matte, and high gloss.



height 280cm, width 315cm

The fittings include:

- Cabinets with upholstered interior
- Wall panel
- Black lacquered frame

The flexibility in configuration and finishing of the fittings allows for customization to suit any interior in any style.

Zabudowa ścienna w łazience z ciemnymi kolorami i złotymi akcentami
Łazienka z ozdobną zabudową ścienną i złotymi grafikami

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