Creadoor is a brand of exclusive interior doors, furniture, and integrated interior fittings with 3D graphics.


We combine traditional art of wooden door and furniture production with modern wood processing technology and exquisite design.

With over 30 years of experience, our production team allows us – the designers – to feel confident in combining experience with modernity.

The letter “C” in our logo represents much more than just furniture and doors – Creadoor is primarily about people.

A group of enthusiasts from the Vistula region who decided to create a perfect product. A team composed of outstanding technologists, graphic designers, interior designers, and excellent craftsmen has built a brand that brings together two worlds: the world of design and the latest technology with the world of traditional art production based on experience and noble woodworking techniques. From the combination of these two seemingly unrelated professions, a product has emerged that has never been seen before – custom-made doors, wall fittings, and furniture with unique 3D graphics.