Integrated Wall Systems
How to add a truly personal touch into the space where you will live for the next years of your life?
Your home can look different
With our help you will create an interior that tells a story.
Tell us your story
Show the world who you are and let us create a composition that tells a story about the owner of the house.
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Your home, your safe haven

Do you want a beautiful and original interior, or do you want your house to tell a story?

No matter the answer, we have the solution for you!

We combine traditional manufacturing with innovative technology and modern design.

Our proprietary graphic burning technique leaves a visible and palpable depth in the material.

Don’t you feel like
all beautiful homes look alike?
See the difference that CREADOOR can make!
Proces powstawania zabudowy ściennejCzarna zabudowa ścienna w łazience
The configuration and finishing of the units are highly customisable, allowing them to fit into any kind of interior in any style.

Your home can look

New collection of interior doors

Your home, your safe haven

It is the backdrop to any important event or decision. This is where you will invite those you want to show yourself to.

Discover what kind of stories our customers’s homes tell.

Let’s talk about EMOTIONS